Jun Lin Da Yuan
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Jun Lin Da Yuan
Show Unit 555
Jianye Residential Group (China) Co./ Henan Tongsheng Real Estate Co. Ltd
Floor Area
4,542 sqft
Henan, China
Year of Completion
Reimagined - Opulence and understated elegance blend, forming a serene visual journey. Upon entering, attention is drawn to the enigmatic dark core wall, a portal to hidden depths exuding contemplative calmness. Beyond a space, it's tranquillity, a profound inner resonance.
Junlin Unit555 06
Ceilings stretch gracefully, expanding the space. Natural light filters, casting comforting embrace. A custom-crafted hearth emanates warmth. Above, the feature wall pays homage to tradition by merging light and shadow.
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Junlin Unit555 08
Oriental artistry weaves a tale of Eastern civilization and nature. The tea corner is a poetic enclave, where tea's fragrance transcends time. Dark cabinets stand sentinel in this sanctuary of memories
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Descending to the art gallery corridor, paths resonate with your being. The dining hall, graced by elegant ceilings, invites cherished gatherings. Opulent details pay tribute to modern craftsmanship, each inch a canvas for life's tapestry.
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Warm tones envelop, evoking love and tranquillity. Wood and stone textures create refinement, contrasting with dark undertones. Symmetrical bedroom entrances engage in silent dialogue. Delicate greenery infuses life into existence.
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Luxury is intricately woven into the design. The designer's dedication endures, creating enduring opulence. Life and aesthetics fuse, each day an expedition of discovery.