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Simplicity Prevails

932 Design Group is a Singapore-based design studio with branch offices in Malaysia and Vietnam. They specialise in bespoke design, with projects located in Singapore, China, Vietnam, Malaysia, and beyond.

Their work has consistently earned global recognition. They have won several international accolades, including being shortlisted at the prestigious World Architecture Festival 2023 INSIDE and winning Show-flat of the Year for OHV located at One Holland Village at the Frame Awards in the Netherlands (2022). They were also the Popular Choice Award finalists for the same project at the Architizer A+ Award 2023 in the United States.

Their accolades also include Best Design Firm of the Year at the Singapore Interior Design Award 2022 and a Gold and Judge's Choice award for the Sample Space at the Asia Pacific Interior Design Award 2022 in Hong Kong.

932 Design Group offers Design Consultation and Design & Build Services, transforming various spaces, including Show-Galleries & Units, Commercial Offices & Lobbies, Boutique Hotels, Resorts, Serviced-Apartments, and Retail marvels.

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Keep it simple

Guided by values, 932 Design Group's vision is to establish sustainable businesses that thrive economically while contributing to the cultivation of a vibrant design community for the betterment of society and the environment on a global scale.

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Understated Luxury

A certain 9 : 32 in the year twenty-eleven was when a leap of faith was taken. It was driven by the vision and appreciation for delicately complex craftsmanship, hidden behind what often appears deceptively simple.

Being inexplicably drawn to design that stays gracefully relevant over time. A space should evoke feelings from its occupants through visual, auditory, and tactile experiences.

It’s Miesian principle really; God is in the details.


CK web
Chee Khiang
Founding Partner
Chief Design Officer

Born in Singapore, Chee Khiang (CK) is the founding partner and Chief Design Officer for 932 Design Group. He firmly believes in finding luxury in simplicity, evident through beautiful proportions, balanced color tones, and a serene design language with artisanal details, all intrinsic elements of his work. For him, crafting design is akin to narrating poetry, portraying life's rhythm that is both contextual and simple.

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With his dedicated team, they consistently achieve global recognition for their expertise in spatial design. Notable accolades include being shortlisted in the prestigious World Architecture Festival INSIDE (United States) 2023, Architizer A+ Awards (United States) 2023, and winning the Frame Awards (Netherlands) in 2019 and 2022, as well as the AIPDA - Asia Pacific Interior Design Awards (Hong kong) in 2022.

Throughout his professional practice, he has frequently been invited as a guest speaker at international design awards and forums. Notable occasions include being a guest speaker for World Interior Day 2023, organized by the Singapore Interior Design Association, and the Asia Pacific Interior Design Awards 2023, organized by the Hong Kong Interior Design Association.

Chee Khiang received his Master's in Architecture in 2009 and a Bachelor of Arts (Architecture) in 2008 from the National University of Singapore. Additionally, he obtained a Diploma in Architectural Technology in 2003 from Singapore Polytechnic. Currently, he serves as the appointed Advisory Council Member for the Singapore Interior Design Accreditation Council.

Regina web
Founding Partner
Chief Business Officer

Regina achieved her Master's in Architecture in 2009 and a Bachelor of Arts (Architecture) in 2008 from the National University of Singapore. She also earned a Diploma in Architectural Technology in 2003 from Singapore Polytechnic. After gaining experience in an architecture firm, she was invited to contribute to the vision of a design startup, aiming to support its business plan before returning to her architecture career. Unexpectedly, the trajectory of this venture took a different turn.

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Collaborating with the team, Regina established a refined design philosophy centered around minimalism, emphasizing the belief that simplicity and subtlety could bring luxury to any space. Her role spans various areas, transitioning seamlessly from day-to-day design work, project management, and administration to a focused commitment on business development. Proactively seeking opportunities, cultivating client relationships, and formulating strategic initiatives for market expansion are integral facets of her responsibilities.

Over the past decade, Regina's professional journey has seen the growth of the first office. The current portfolio includes a diverse array of projects, from exclusive residences to high-rise developments, showrooms, commercial establishments, and service apartments. The firm has expanded internationally, undertaking design projects in markets across Malaysia, Vietnam, China, Indonesia, and Singapore.

Experiencing continuous expansion across diverse regions has been both a humbling and gratifying journey, with Regina's strategic acumen in business development playing a pivotal role in the overall success. Guided by their values, as they move forward, their vision will continue to shape Regina's endeavors and the future of 932 Design Group.

Roystern web
Founding Partner
Chief Project Officer

Roystern's design journey commenced in his youth, driven by a fervent love for art and sketching. This ardor blossomed as he refined his craft through diverse courses and workshops, culminating in a Diploma with Merit in Interior and Architecture Design from Temasek Polytechnic (TP) and a Master's degree in Architecture from the National University of Singapore (NUS).

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Equipped with a firm grasp of design principles, he launched his career with Singapore's prestigious design firms, contributing to esteemed international hospitality brand and residential projects, notably Park Hyatt, Amara, Ascott and luxury private residential. While pursuing an architecture career, he discovered his affinity for interior detailing. In 2011, the concept of 932 Design Group was conceived, focusing on tailor-made interior spaces that diverge from traditional conventions, offering clients a bespoke and innovative design approach. His blend of creative vision and implementation prowess elevated him to the role of project director at 932 Design Group, overseeing an extensive portfolio of design and build projects involving prominent real estate developers, hospitality brands, and private clients.

Encapsulates his life philosophy in the words, "I am building myself a life... I am building myself a House, a Home that it feels good to leave, and it feels even better to come back.” This sentiment permeates each space he designs, and he is privileged to extend this ethos to 932 Design Group's pipeline of projects.

Business Development Director

Graduating with a Degree in Economics from University of London in 2011, Tom's journey into the world of design began. From his first interaction with design, he developed a deep interest in it's development through time and intricacies which led to a pursuit that would define his professional career.

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Taking a holistic approach, Tom puts into perspective the relationship between design and goals of Clients whilst keeping a keen eye on balancing the commercial interests of projects.

Tom's professional career of 15 years is an exploration of the region extensively, successfully closing projects locally and across South East Asia, ranging from private to commercial projects. Having worked across multiple design fields, Tom values cultivating meaningful relationships with partners and Clients with successful outcomes for both in a collaborative spirit.

With a firm goal of taking the influence of design worldwide, Tom aspires to make a difference in the industry and it's inner workings.

Eric Web
Associate Projects Director

With over 27 years of experience in the industry, Eric has built an impressive portfolio of hospitality and residential projects, ranging from hotels to luxury boutiques and landed homes. He excels in bringing projects from concept to reality while maintaining the integrity of the original design.

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Starting his career with a renowned interior design and contracting firm, Eric rose to the position of Head of the Design Department, overseeing design deliverables from initial concepts to on-site implementation. Now, as an associate director at 932 Design Group, he continues to demonstrate his expertise and leadership.

Since joining 932 Design Group in 2021, Eric has spearheaded the refurbishment of SGX Centre with a focus on simple yet luxurious designs that prioritize user experience. His extensive track record, understanding of client needs, and alignment with the company's values make him a valuable addition to the Project Team.

Sen Ern Web
Sen Ern
Assistant Design Manager

Sen Ern is the assistant design manager at 932 Design Group, leveraging over a decade of industry expertise cultivated under the mentorship of a renowned interior designer and award-winning architects.

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He views spatial design as contemporary poetry, blending modernity with traditional values to craft spaces that evoke a sense of belonging while integrating cutting-edge technological experiences.

Driven by an inventive spirit, Sen Ern reimagines spaces and businesses by leveraging innovative technology and design methodologies. He explores unique strategies to optimize spatial and commercial potential, demonstrating a knack for implementing sophisticated user experiences.

Diana Web
Technical Manager

Diana Cezar is a seasoned Technical Manager with an illustrious career spanning over 15 years, marked by a diverse portfolio of projects across multiple sectors. Her extensive experience includes working on a range of projects, from opulent interiors of luxury hotels and resorts , to the dynamic interiors of Retail & Commercial spaces , and the cozy ambience of Residential projects.

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With a meticulous approach and a passion for innovation, playing a pivotal role in shaping the built environment through her expertise in Design Development and her extensive exposure has endowed her with a deep understanding of the nuances and intricacies inherent in each project type, enabling her to navigate the Technical Team through complex design challenges with finesse and creativity - instrumental in bringing design concepts to life. Together, they have worked tirelessly to craft comprehensive design blueprints , ensuring that every detail is meticulously curated to uphold and execute the highest standards of quality and aesthetics elements. She endeavours to leave a lasting legacy, creating spaces that not only inspire but also enrich the lives of those who inhabit them.

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