Gardens By The Bay

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Gardens By The Bay
Neon Group
Floor Area
32,300 sqft
Year of Completion
"Gardentopia" is a visionary project proposal designed for a key plot at Singapore's Gardens by the Bay. This concept aims to offer a world of gardens that everyone can appreciate, enjoy, and preserve.
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It is largely accepted that both flora and fauna began with a single seed, and thrived harmoniously in a garden. The seed of origin is a metaphorical life giver; an embryonic life with a built-in survival ecosystem.
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Imagine a building that's alive, sprouting within Gardens by the Bay.
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By staying true to its commitment, this attraction serves as a platform to promote environmental sustainability in Singapore. Aligned with the nation's ongoing development plans, Gardens by the Bay will evolve into a comprehensive experience zone on the city's new waterfront. This space will breathe life into new realms, such as Jurassic World, integrating seamlessly with the Gardens to enhance its narrative. Positioned between Singapore's urban reservoir and iconic Gardens by the Bay structures, this site presents an opportunity to craft a compelling, lifestyle-driven story. The convergence of water and flourishing gardens symbolically gives rise to our central concept, tailored to the location and seamlessly aligning with Singapore's vision of a City in a Garden.
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Welcome to the Seed of Origin in Gardentopia.
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