Wallich Residences III

Wallich III 02 B
Wallich Residences III
Floor Area
915 sqft
Year of Completion
Taking inspiration from the ancient Japanese art of Kintsugi, 932 embarks on a journey of understated opulence and sophistication. The concept marries the allure of luxury minimalist design with the profound symbolism of Kintsugi, where broken pottery finds new life through the embrace of golden lacquer. The interior design is meticulously crafted, with a deliberate choice of darker tones that play against the backdrop of the skyline, creating a sense of depth and mystery. As natural light filters through, it illuminates the space, embodying the essence of Kintsugi - a harmonious blend of light and shadow, imperfection and beauty.
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The space itself is a symphony of textures and materials, predominantly adorned with matte finishes and chiselled edges that exude a bespoke, refined aesthetic. Each element is handpicked with care, from the Medicis Scones to the Tekka Side table by Christian Liaigre, adding layers of sophistication and character to the space.
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The master bedroom stands out with its unconventional layout, where the bed takes center stage, offering a panoramic view of the surroundings. A subtle yet impactful touch is added with the inclusion of the Cipher wall sconce by Yabu Pushelberg, casting a gentle glow that enhances the room's ambiance.
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As Gilded Reverie unfolds, it weaves a narrative of transformation and renewal, much like the art of Kintsugi itself. Through the interplay of light and shadow, material and form, the project encapsulates a sense of timelessness and elegance, inviting all who enter to witness the beauty in imperfection and the artistry of rebirth.