Tian'an Place
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Tian an 03 Living
Tian'an Place
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Tian An China Investments Company Limited
Floor Area
1,550 sqft
Shanghai, China
Year of Completion
Drawing inspiration from the elegant Traditional Layering of Structures, the cohesive use of matching tone materials exemplifies a dedication to exquisite craftsmanship and intricate design, epitomizing a sense of opulence and luxury.
Tian an 01 Living
Tian an 02 Living
Tian an 08 Dining
Tian an 30 Study
In this design project, the meticulous selection of Oak Timber Flooring, Patterned Sliding Door, Solid Timber Trimming Detail, and Large Format Tile harmoniously blend to create a sophisticated and minimalist interior ambiance reflecting a Modern Oriental Soft, Light, and Minimalist aesthetic. The focus lies on meticulous attention to detail, choice of high-quality materials, and proportionate elements, transcending the need for embellishments.
Tian an 15 Bedroom
Tian an 17 Bedroom
Tian an 18 Bedroom
Tian an 20 Bedroom
Tian an 22 Bedroom2
Tian an 24 Bedroom2