Nansha Dongwan
International Hotel

Hesong 04
Nansha Dongwan
International Hotel
Galaxy Real Estate
Floor Area
22,500 sqm
Guangzhou, China
Year of Completion
“Hesong 河耸" takes its inspiration from the abundant greenery in the Nansha district. The overarching concept si to have guests journey through the hotel, rising from the bottom of mountain with rivers (ground level), through a forest (mid levels) and up into the clouds (highest levels). From the undulating 15metre-tall feature wall in the main lobby to the subtle use of light and dark tones, "layering" and fluidity also feature strongly throughout the hotel, referencing China's famed landscape paintings. Natural materials from the region are used generously. The result is a hotel that exudes refined grandeur while paying homage to the district, city, and country.
Hesong 01
The five human senses - sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell - are engaged in various ways to form a fully immersive and memorable experience. Transitional spaces are utilised as a means to further enhance the narrative behind the design concept (e.g. elevator interiors that change in mood to reflect the level on, or different scents to denote different zones in the hotel). Oversized media screens will feature strongly, both to add value to the branding as well as keep the hotel up to date with the changing seasons. Additionally, curated promotional or collaborative advertisements may become a potential source of revenue.
Hesong 08
The design concept of “Hesong 河耸〞is fully displayed in the lobby design, with the river-like winding carpet texture surrounding the exquisitely carved famous lamps by European design masters, sofas and lounge chairs, combined with the effect wall in deep gray reminiscent of giant rocks in a mountain gorge. It resembles the continuous flow of a river in a landscape painting, showcasing high levels of luxury and expensive art pieces, significantly highlighting the high-end design level of the lobby.
Hesong 03
Hesong 05
The soft curves, illuminated by vertical lights on the effect wall, undergo a three-dimensional transformation, resembling a waterfall pouring a river into the sky, while the top floor of the lobby presents a dynamic effect like clouds mingling with water with its silky and undulating fabric qualities.
Hesong 06
As the room door opens, the first breathtaking sight is the stunning scenery outside, framed by dark glossy walls on either side of the door, resembling an artwork. The selected designer chairs, desk, and lamps blend seamlessly into the view. The off-white wooden walls act as a catalyst, harmoniously blending the overall entry experience with the beautiful scenery.
Hesong 09 copy
As the guest reaches the end of the entrance corridor, the visual perspective suddenly expands, leading into a spacious living experience. Imagine the guest running their hands along the glossy walls near the entrance door, feeling the wood grain and solid lattice texture at the end of the corridor. Combined with visual openness and additional embellishments by renowned designers, such as sun loungers by the floor-to-ceiling windows, a double bed, and more, the guest is left with a profound impression of awe upon entering the suite.
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Like a towering mountain yet as gentle as water, the hotel suite experience combines spectacular visual design with soft and comfortable tactile, olfactory, and auditory elements, along with the hotel's meticulous customer service, achieving the highest level of enjoyment for the five human senses: sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell. The three-dimensional goldfish sculpture on the cloud stone wall, laser-cut onto the surface, symbolizes wealth and happiness, elegantly enhancing the ambiance and leaving a lasting impression.
Hesong 12 copy
With an Imaginative concept and an innovative interior unlike any other, “Hesong 河弅〞 is poised to be a new icon of understated sophistication in Nansha, Guangzhou - and perhaps for the world too