St. Regis Hotel
Iridium Spa

ST Regis Spa 01
St. Regis Hotel
Iridium Spa
Floor Area
4,373 sqft
Year of Completion
A new world awaits – one that is calming and serene, never fussy nor plain. A contrast from the hotel lobby, intricate interior details give way to simpler, refined concepts. The stresses of everyday life begin to fade. Away from the hustle and the bustle of the city, wellness is emphasized by having just the right mood for a truly rejuvenating experience, free of distractions and free of troubles.
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Iridium Spa : A sanctuary of utmost . A deeper level of peace. A rebalancing act. Enter the Iridium Spa and be present.
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Each moment is a celebration, true to the renowned Iridium spirit. The spa is mysterious, alluring and deeply captivating. Akin to a mother’s womb, each space envelopes you in the warmest embrace. Reinvigorate your body, mind and soul and leave looking forward to your next return.
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