Singapore Land Tower

SLT 01
Singapore Land Tower
Singapore Land Group
Floor Area
500 sqft
Year of Completion
“It begins as a single seed, a tiny promise nestled within the urban landscape”
SLT 12 B
The Design Statement for the Singapore Land Tower Pavilion describes it as more than just a structure; it is a living branding icon that combines nature's elegance with urban dynamism. The pavilion aims to create a harmonious and serene environment for visitors amidst the bustling city, catering to various urban lifestyles throughout the day.
SLT 01
The pavilion includes a multi-functional open space designed for hosting a range of events, from art exhibitions to community forums. Overall, the pavilion is described as a phygital space, offering a transformative experience that encourages visitors to immerse themselves in the convergence of nature, technology, and the vibrant energy of the city.
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SLT 04
SLT 14
The Deconstructed Forest concept offers a unique urban wilderness experience within the bustling business hub. This pavilion symbolizes eco-conscious architecture by distilling the essence of nature into its design. Visitors are taken on a transformative journey through a poetic landscape, where nature's elements are artfully dispersed throughout the architectural framework.
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