Seed of Wonder
Gardens By The Bay

Gardentopia C2 08
Seed of Wonder
Gardens By The Bay
Neon Group
Floor Area
32,300 sqft
Year of Completion
"Gardentopia" is a visionary project proposal designed for a key plot at Singapore's Gardens by the Bay. This concept aims to offer a world of gardens that everyone can appreciate, enjoy, and preserve.
Gardentopia C2 18
Starting with A magical entrance through The Seed of Wonder. The first thing that draws your eye as you exit the newly-opened MRT station is an enigmatic form, big enough to hold a crowd, but without a real sense of its destination. This mysterious and iconic form will draw the eye into a new world of wonder, while protecting visitors from the elements. Its functional attributes disguised only by its monumental size A magical entrance through The Seed of Wonder, A first glimpse of the wonder that's yet to come
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Watered by the streams from Marina Barrage, this seed of origin is then able to germinate into the Gardens by the Bay we know today. Our idea gives form to this seed, and continues its narrative into strong hooks which create physical manifestations in the form of attractions, each serving the purpose of adding richness to Gardens by the Bay. SEEDS represents a new collection of installations and structures that expands the portfolio of iconic installations at Gardens by The Bay.
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Gardentopia C2 07
As we explore the view of central plaza - Visitor Transition Area. The experience of The Seed continues with the Seed of Wellness -
Gardentopia C2 06
A man-made grotto accessed through a visually-arresting water bridge. This underground lagoon would connect the community of Singapore and international travellers alike through a unique curation of medicinal plants and herbs, which restore, heal and inspire us. This space of renewal will also open itself up to meditation of the mind around the Flooded Forest and Underground Forest; a lagoon cave with mythical origins. An enigmatic landscape with ever-changing light both above and below the surface
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