Floor Area
1,300 sqft
Year of Completion
Novi Health is strategically situated within a 31-storey commercial building in Singapore's Central Business District, prominently located along Robinson Road. Nestled amidst the bustling financial hub, Novi Health finds its place among the largest cluster of commercial buildings and skyscrapers in the area. With a mission to serve as a premier wellness center dedicated to personalized health treatments, Novi embodies the motto "Better Health Together," championing a collaborative approach to wellness.
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The meticulously designed interior space is crafted to create a tranquil and relaxed ambiance, offering solace and calmness to patients. Featuring a centralized courtyard that exudes intimacy and personalized consultation rooms with stunning panoramic views of Singapore's central business district, Novi Health seamlessly integrates natural and urban elements to inspire and connect individuals with the dynamic cityscape. This thoughtful design enhances the overall experience for those seeking tailored health treatments at Novi Health, setting a new standard in holistic well-being within the heart of the bustling metropolis.
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