Penthouse 2

Klimt PH2 04
Penthouse 2
Low Keng Huat
Floor Area
5,920 sqft
Year of Completion
Embracing a Modern Oriental concept inspired by Ikebana, the art of floral arrangement, Klimt Penthouse is designed to bring forth a unique appreciation for the often-overlooked details, culminating in Intricate Beauty.
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Klimt PH2 02
Klimt PH2 05
Drawing from the principles of subtle balance, movement, and harmony found in Ikebana, we aim to encapsulate a sense of Intricate Beauty within our creation. This principle is divided into three main components - the flower, the stem, and the leaves, which will be reflected in our design concepts: Modern Classic, Modern Oriental, and Modern Contemporary.
Klimt PH2 03
Klimt PH2 06
The earthy neutral tones and elegant simplicity represent the stem, symbolizing richness and cultural identity within the Modern Oriental theme that harmoniously blends tradition with modernity, embodying the essence of sophisticated design.
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