King Albert

King Albert Park 02
King Albert
Floor Area
50,000 sqft
Year of Completion
In the heart of prime District 21 in Singapore, a distinguished Good Class Bungalow unveils its soul through the enchanting form of a Concave Courtyard. Here, landscapes harmonize from the outside in, blurring the boundaries between nature and dwelling.
King Albert Park 01
King Albert Park 02
King Albert Park 05
King Albert Park 06
The entrance hall stands as a modern ode to luxury and minimalism, adorned with intricate screens and precious stones, beckoning visitors into a realm of opulence and space. Embraced by the warmth of precious wood veneers, the entry experience becomes a tapestry of luxury and coziness intertwined.
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King Albert Park 10
King Albert Park 11
Carefully orchestrated gardens, flowing greenery, tranquil waters, and serene seating areas cocoon the abode in a private sanctuary, where nature's embrace is ever-present. Through delicate intricacies, subtle oriental whispers dance through the design, adding a poetic charm to the tapestry of this soulful abode.