Jun Lin Da Yuan
Show Unit 325

Junlin Unit325 06
Jun Lin Da Yuan
Show Unit 325
Jianye Residential Group (China) Co./ Henan Tongsheng Real Estate Co. Ltd
Floor Area
2,745 sqft
Henan, China
Year of Completion
Amidst the canvas of light-hued oak, a young family's nest takes form. A modern dance of warmth and grace, where comfort is the norm. With hues that whisper soft embrace, a cosiness refined, In every corner, beauty blooms, a haven for the mind. Contemporary sculptures stand, like whispers of a dream, A touch of artistry and soul, in every chosen theme. Furnishings with sleek lines converge, a symphony of the new, Where memories and laughter blend, in every shade and hue.
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The oak, a gentle anchor, grounding dreams in gentle light, A tapestry of life and love, woven into sight. A modern twist on timeless grace, a home where hearts unite, Young family's dreams take centre stage, in every soft-lit night.
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