Hill Haven
3 Bedroom

HVR 4 BR 2
Hill Haven
3 Bedroom
Far East Organization, Sekisui house
Floor Area
1,087 sqft
Year of Completion
Hill Haven 3-Bedroom Unit offers an inviting retreat for families, catering to the lifestyle of a Tech Farm Entrepreneur with its innovative design and warm ambiance. Set amidst the lush landscape of Hillview, this property boasts a calming atmosphere characterized by its lustrous walnut interior. The double-height ceiling, reminiscent of a tree trunk, adds a touch of charm and draws the eye upward with its timber note, seamlessly blending the space with nature's verdant essence.
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HVR 4 BR 03
Natural light plays a key role in accentuating the richness of the walnut, creating a visual contrast that adds depth to the interior and fosters a calming atmosphere conducive to relaxation and reflection. The sweeping curve panels further enhance the welcoming atmosphere, inviting residents and guests to gather and socialize in this nurturing environment.
HVR 4 BR 10
HVR 4 BR 08
HVR 4 BR 16
With its thoughtful design and serene ambiance, the Hill Haven 3-bedroom Unit provides an ideal setting for families to grow and thrive, akin to the steady growth of a tree's branches.
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