Hill Haven
2 Bedroom

HVR 2 BR 01
Hill Haven
2 Bedroom
Far East Organization, Sekisui House
Floor Area
742 sqft
Year of Completion
Hill Haven 2-Bedroom Unit project is a testament to the seamless integration of elegant design and natural beauty, crafted specifically for the discerning young professional. Nestled amidst the sublime tropical landscape of District 23, this unit embraces a botanist profile, reflecting a deep appreciation for nature's splendor.
HVR 2 BR 02
HVR 2 BR 05
With an elegant light timber palette and bespoke signature screen design, the interior exudes warmth and sophistication, creating a refreshing and airy ambiance that captures the essence of Hillview's magnificence.
HVR 2 BR 04
The seamless integration of the feature wall panel and furniture setting adds to the unit's visual appeal and functionality, tying all elements together into a cohesive whole. Poetic elements, such as the symbolic presence of a plant on the table, serve as a reminder of nature's beauty and provide a calming presence amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life. In this well-appointed residence, residents can unwind, rejuvenate, and connect with the serene surroundings while taking delight in moments of peaceful repose.
HVR 2 BR 03
HVR 2 BR 10
HVR 2 BR 09
HVR 2 BR 08
HVR 2 BR 07
Overall, the Hill Haven 2-Bedroom Unit project offers a tranquil retreat for residents seeking to embrace nature's beauty and elegance within the bustling cityscape.