GreenLand FC
Residential Show Unit

Greenland Showunit A 04
GreenLand FC
Residential Show Unit
Greenland Real Estate Development Co. Limited
Floor Area
2,207 sqft
Guangzhou, China
Year of Completion
GreenLand Financial City Center, situated in the heart of the Guangzhou Financial District, offers a harmonious blend of essential living amenities, sustainable practices, and lush greenery. This mixed-use building embodies the live-work-play concept, providing residents with a serene oasis in the midst of urban convenience.
Greenland Showunit A 04
In the heart of urbanity, a residential haven awaits, Where every corner whispers tales of tranquil states. Inspired by the tree's bark and leaves, A living space where luxury weaves.
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Greenland Showunit A 06
Greenland Showunit A 07
Greenland Showunit A 08
Step into the residential show unit, a realm of serene delight, Where simplicity and elegance unite. Materials and proportions in perfect harmony, Creating a home that's a true symphony.
Greenland Showunit A 09
Each detail meticulously placed with care, A sanctuary where worries disappear into the air. Nourishing souls with nature's embrace, In this residential oasis, serenity finds its place.
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