GreenLand FC
Hotel Suite Unit

Greenland Hotel 02
GreenLand FC
Hotel Suite Unit
Greenland Real Estate Development Co. Limited
Floor Area
1,130 sqft
Guangzhou, China
Year of Completion
GreenLand Financial City Center, situated in the heart of the Guangzhou Financial District, offers a harmonious blend of essential living amenities, sustainable practices, and lush greenery. This mixed-use building embodies the live-work-play concept, providing residents with a serene oasis in the midst of urban convenience.
Greenland Hotel 01
Above the bustling city, a hotel suite of grandeur stands, A retreat where luxury meets guests' demands. The executive suite, a blend of opulence and grace, A space where elegance finds its rightful place.
Greenland Hotel 02
Fruits and flowers delicately placed to delight, In this hotel suite, a haven in plain sight. Luxury that speaks in whispers, not shouts, A sanctuary where comfort and style sprouts.
Greenland Hotel 03
From the lobby to each tastefully designed room, Luxury and comfort seamlessly bloom. A refuge for travelers seeking respite, In this hotel suite, where every moment feels just right.
Greenland Hotel 04
Greenland Hotel 05