Di Jing Mansion
Block 38

DJSZ B38 Lobby 01
Di Jing Mansion
Block 38
Hopson Development Holdings Ltd
Floor Area
3,888 sqft
Guangzhou, China
Year of Completion
The design concept employs a sleek material and color selection to achieve a grand ambiance effortlessly. Symmetry, diverse textures, angles, curves, patterns, and layers are thoughtfully utilized in the lobby to emphasize its double height, creating a sense of refined opulence that captivates onlookers. Custom stone benches flanking the area add a sense of stability and sophistication, guiding visitors towards the corridor with their tapered design. The transition from the lobby to the corridor unveils a striking marble wall behind wooden fins, heightening the drama with a sudden shift in ceiling height.
DJSZ B38 Lobby 02
DJSZ B38 Lobby 07
DJSZ B38 Lobby 05
DJSZ B38 Lobby 06
DJSZ B38 Lobby 08
Reflecting the lobby's symmetry, the apartment entrances are meticulously designed to convey serenity and order, seamlessly integrating functionality with aesthetics. Each entrance features a designated space for shoe cabinets, blending practicality with elegance. Floating benches, subtly illuminated from below, introduce a sense of lightness and depth to the area, enhancing the overall atmosphere. Concealed within the shoe cabinets are private display shelves, offering a personalized experience exclusively for the residents, adding a touch of exclusivity and customization to their living spaces.
DJSZ B38 Lobby 12
Further attention to detail is evident in the thoughtful placement of wall sconces that complement the surrounding walls, enhancing the overall visual appeal. Unit numbers delicately displayed on refined metal plates serve as elegant dividers between the wood paneling and doors, accentuating the seamless blend of materials and adding a touch of sophistication. These subtle yet deliberate design elements contribute to a bespoke experience for homeowners, elevating the space with a sense of luxury and individuality.
DJSZ B38 Lobby 09
DJSZ B38 Stair 07
DJSZ B38 Stair 08
In the living room, commanding marble walls at each end exude power and luxury with a refined, honed finish to avoid ostentation. Dark wood framing on the recessed TV wall visually elongates the space, while a slender stone plinth offers a chic base for decorative displays. Bold shelving allows for the showcasing of cherished collectibles, adding a personalized touch and story to the room.
DJSZ B38 249 Unit 01
DJSZ B38 249 Unit 03
Entering the apartment reveals meticulously treated surfaces and a striking pendant light that injects vibrancy into the minimalist dining area. A marble-clad bar area provides a sophisticated space for displaying ornaments and refined liquors, harmonizing with the apartment's mature and sensible luxury aesthetic. Rich textures and intersecting volumes within a warm color palette create a complex yet inviting environment that balances light and dark tones seamlessly.
DJSZ B38 249 Unit 04
DJSZ B38 249 Unit 06
DJSZ B38 249 Unit 07
The master bedroom's integration with a walk-in wardrobe brings a sense of coziness and hierarchy to the space, enhanced by warm wood surfaces and exquisite details like a sleek metal frame on the vanity mirror. The bespoke double sink, featuring a contrast between soft marble and darker stone, stands out as a symbol of meticulous craftsmanship and elegance in the bathroom area.
DJSZ B38 249 Unit 09
DJSZ B38 249 Unit 10
DJSZ B38 249 Unit 14