Di Jing Mansion
Block 36

DJSZ B3 185unit 06
Di Jing Mansion
Block 36
Hopson Development Holdings Ltd
Floor Area
3,186 sqft
Guangzhou, China
Year of Completion
This blend of simple luxury culminates in a space that exudes a profound sense of home. The study boasts elegant full-height glass doors, offering both privacy and connectivity, seamlessly integrating with the surrounding areas.
DJSZ B3 185unit 04
Iconic classic furniture seamlessly blended with contemporary designer pieces sets the tone for a minimalist yet sophisticated interior. White oak wall panels and a serene muted backdrop create a tranquil ambiance, offering the ideal sanctuary for relaxation and rejuvenation of mind and body.
DJSZ B3 185unit 08
Despite the variety of materials and textures adorning the walls, a cohesive interior design is masterfully achieved. The foyer, enveloped in a light oak finish, serves as a subtle yet effective divider, distinguishing the living and dining areas while maintaining a sense of unity. A distinctive round pendant light acts as a focal point, mirroring the circular shape of the dining table, while soft, warm ceiling lighting envelops the space in a cozy glow, evoking feelings of warmth and reunion.
DJSZ B3 185unit 01
A marble-clad kitchen island elegantly divides the dining area from the wet kitchen, adding a touch of sophistication and functionality. The vanity sink, strategically serving both the dry kitchen and powder room, maintains a seamless design flow without compromising the dining experience. Luxurious marble countertops and delicate lighting elevate the space, transforming a utilitarian feature into a focal point of elegance.
DJSZ B3 185unit 02
DJSZ B3 185unit 09
DJSZ B3 185unit 10
In the bedroom, a bold feature wall with strong vertical lines complements a refined, geometric headboard, creating a visually stimulating yet serene atmosphere. Light, creamy marble accents maintain a natural, open, and airy feel throughout the space, while clear glass partitions in the bathroom preserve the abundant natural
DJSZ B3 185unit 11
DJSZ B36 Lobby 12
DJSZ B36 Lobby 10
The warm grey leather bench, complemented by intricate leg details, stands in elegant contrast against the wood paneling, lending a touch of sophistication to the environment.
DJSZ B36 Stair 06
DJSZ B36 Lobby 08
Transitioning from the unit into the corridor reveals a dramatic shift in ceiling height, creating a dynamic interplay with undulating walls that evoke a sense of security and comfort. The corridor showcases a reverse in materials, with wood paneling contrasting marble walls, a subtle yet playful alteration that adds an element of intrigue for observant visitors.
DJSZ B36 Lobby 07
DJSZ B36 Lobby 04
The strategic use of angled stone panels at the corner not only enhances depth perception but also elevates the overall luxury of the design, presenting a refined detail that enriches the space.
DJSZ B36 Lobby 06
DJSZ B36 Lobby 02
DJSZ B36 Lobby 01
With just two materials adorning the walls, a sense of grandeur pervades the space. Symmetry, varied textures, angles, curves, patterns, and layers are strategically employed to accentuate the double height of the lobby, infusing it with subtle opulence that captivates all who enter.