Di Jing Mansion
Block 3

DJSZ B3 140unit 01
Di Jing Mansion
Block 3
Hopson Development Holdings Ltd
Floor Area
2,385 sqft
Guangzhou, China
Year of Completion
In the realm of show units, where design serves as the ultimate storyteller, this Nordic-inspired apartment stands as a testament to elegance and imagination.
DJSZ B3 140unit 02
DJSZ B3 140unit 04
Every aspect of this meticulously crafted space is a deliberate narrative, weaving together Nordic design principles with a personalized touch to create a captivating showcase of style and sophistication. From the carefully selected Nordic furniture pieces to the curated display of personal artefacts, each element exudes an air of curated luxury and intentional design.
DJSZ B3 140unit 05
DJSZ B3 140unit 06
DJSZ B3 140unit 07
As a show unit, this apartment transcends mere functionality to become a stage where design takes center stage, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in a world of beauty and creativity.
DJSZ B3 140unit 10
DJSZ B3 140unit 08
The seamless integration of Nordic aesthetics with bespoke touches sets a standard of excellence, inspiring awe and admiration while showcasing the transformative power of design to elevate living spaces into works of art. This show unit is not just a display of furniture and décor; it is a symphony of design elements harmoniously orchestrated to create a visual masterpiece that leaves a lasting impression of sophistication and style.
DJSZ B3 Typical Lobby 01
The lobby design is a harmonious blend of natural light and simplicity, creating a welcoming and tranquil living space that exudes a sense of home. The soft color palette adds warmth to the area, inviting a feeling of comfort and serenity for visitors. In this minimalistic yet luxurious setting, a strong sense of belonging is effortlessly evoked, making guests feel at ease and at home in the space.
DJSZ B3 Stair 06
DJSZ B3 Lobby 05
As the elevator doors open to reveal a hall adorned in soothing wood tones, a visual journey unfolds, guiding the eye towards a carefully curated selection of designer furniture. Staircases seamlessly blend into the surroundings, promoting a sense of continuity and exclusivity through a cohesive light color palette and subtle design details. The discreet detailing throughout the space breathes life into spontaneous activities, enhancing the convenience and elegance of the environment.
DJSZ B3 Lobby 07
DJSZ B3 Lobby 03
The ambiance of luxury is accentuated by the strategic use of multiple layers of lighting and the choice of grand stone-look tiles that bring a sense of opulence to the lobby. The lightweight nature of the tiles ensures that functionality is not compromised, allowing for easy access to concealed doors.
DJSZ B3 Lobby 06
Elegance and sophistication define the lobby's layout, with the elevated ceiling establishing a sense of hierarchy and refinement over the elevator hall and secondary entrance. The concealed air conditioning system within the lowered ceiling enhances the overall sleekness of the design, contributing to a clean and uncluttered aesthetic. Simple ledges near the lift lobby provide functional seating options, adding a touch of practicality and style to the space.
DJSZ B3 Lobby 02