Cheng Soon

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Cheng Soon
Floor Area
3,800 sqft
Year of Completion
Located in the peaceful enclave of Kismis Avenue within District 21, Cheng Soon Garden transcends traditional notions of residential living with its freehold Landed development. This project epitomizes a harmonious fusion of functionality and refinement, reinventing its structural framework to maximize interior space utilization effectively.
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The infusion of light natural tones and the strategic incorporation of ample natural lighting create an ambiance of tranquil elegance within the space. A standout feature of Cheng Soon Garden is its innovative use of a porous and transformable facade, adding a dynamic element to the external structure while enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal. Inside, the interior design reflects an ethos of flexibility and adaptability, offering residents a versatile living environment that effortlessly transforms to meet their evolving needs.
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Through its seamless synthesis of luxury and simplicity, Cheng Soon Garden showcases that true opulence can often be found in the sheer beauty of understated sophistication and functional design elements that prioritize the comfort and well-being of its occupants.
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