An Kang Yuan
Public Area

Ankang LOUNGE 05
An Kang Yuan
Public Area
Hopson Development Holdings Limited
Floor Area
65,360 sqft
Shanghai, China
Year of Completion
Nestled within the bustling heart of Shanghai, An Kang Yuan emerges as a beacon of design excellence, tasked with harmonizing the shared spaces from the depths of the basement car park to the opulent lobbies of the main towers. With meticulous attention to detail, the project weaves a tapestry of craftsmanship and exclusivity, where feature materials dance with elegance.
Ankang Carpark 04
Ankang Carpark 08
Ankang Carpark 05
In the dance of light along the ramp, whispers guide the way to new heights, each glow a gentle nudge towards varied levels. Bold beams carve paths with grace, leading without harshness, a harmonious chorus in the space. Metal inserts etch a story of the drive, the park, the signs of direction, each detail a bespoke tale spun for this sanctuary.
Ankang Carpark 07
In the glow of illuminated signs, and unity's intricate dance in patterned grills, finer details weave tales of exclusivity that whisper to the soul. Private garages, aglow with light's embrace, paint a canvas of intrigue in the night's gentle caress.
Ankang Carpark 10
Ankang Carpark 09
Light beige stone, entwined with hints of bronze, whispers of simplicity and timelessness, while a seamless flow of soft hues and intricate accents sings of unparalleled sophistication. As feature stone caresses light-toned floors, a symphony of space and grandeur unfolds, inviting all who enter to embrace the sublime artistry of this architectural masterpiece.
Ankang FOYER 01
Ankang FOYER 02
Ankang FOYER 04
Ankang FOYER 03
Ankang Lobby 08
Ankang Lobby 04
Symmetry reigns in the expanse, drawing eyes to the grand music room, where whispers of melody blend with the quiet solace of reading nooks and tea havens secreted away. Subtle hues, like gentle whispers, guide hearts to tranquility, framing the exterior vista in a serene embrace of peace and beauty.
Ankang LOUNGE 05
Ankang LOUNGE 03 A
Ankang LOUNGE 06
Ankang LOUNGE 07