An Kang Yuan
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Ankang Type C 01
An Kang Yuan
Show Unit C
Hopson Development Holdings Limited
Floor Area
1,388 sqft
Shanghai, China
Year of Completion
In a poetic dance of design, the minimalist light beige wooden wall finds harmony with its black companions, crafting a scene of understated elegance in a cozy home space. This blend of colors and textures captures the urban sophistication with a touch of refined beauty. The grandeur of the atmospheric wooden partition, when fused with the main entrance door, emerges as a captivating background mural, drawing inspiration from the allure of ink paintings.
Ankang Type C 03
The delicate play of light and texture on the pale surfaces ignites the senses, while the sleek black furniture stands in balanced proportion, accentuating the vertical wood grain's subtlety that gently softens the vast expanse of the living room wall. The essence of modern minimalism intertwined with traditional Chinese aesthetics whispers a tale of restrained elegance and timeless allure in this carefully curated space.
Ankang Type C 05
The essence of minimalist luxury unfolds in the simplified traditional Chinese lantern, reimagined into a modern Chinese-style pendant light. Soft lighting and hues adorn the minimalistic wooden dining table, infusing the entire dining area with a contemporary vibe without compromising traditional essence. The island-style dry kitchen adds an intriguing feel to the interior layout and enhances the residence's prestige and luxury through beige stone materials. This transformation brings life and color to what was once a dull and dark space.
Ankang Type C 06
Behind the frosted glass door lies another level of minimalist luxury – a unique and elegant space that belongs solely to it, the new Chinese-style literary study. A study like a painting, akin to poetry, allowing residents to immerse in the ambiance of literati between the pages. Soft light filters through the minimalistic wooden cabinets, creating a tranquil and cozy atmosphere, guiding the mind to relax. It beckons the senses towards the beauty outside the window, inviting a sensory journey through the captivating scenery.
Ankang Type C 07
Transitioning to the bedroom area, a sense of depth and dimension is created through seamless mirrors paired with horizontal benches, providing a visually broader and more profound effect. The white wardrobe is adorned with rose gold handles, harmoniously combining simplicity and luxury.
Ankang Type C 10